Bible school near St louis

You just found a Bible School near St Louis that will take your Ministry to the next level. One of the major concerns I have as founder of the Everlasting Covenant Bible College, a Bible School near St Louis
partnering, with the C. H. Mason College, is that many people in the body of Christ are
Naïve when it comes to the word of God. The Apostle Paul told Timothy in ll Timothy 2:15
To study to show yourself unto God. A workman needing not to be a shame, rightly
Dividing the word of truth. Hosea 4:6 states that my people are destroyed for lack of
Knowledge. Because they have rejected knowledge, God with reject thee. We need Gods
Word to effectively fight and overcome Satan and to live victorious lives in this present
I was a Sunday school teacher in church, teaching the youth, and teaching young adults to
develop Skills in secular trades. I always had a passion for teaching. I went to bible college
receiving A Masters degree in Christian Education, later, was assigned a position as Head
Master In a Christian school, later held a position at two theological seminaries.
I tried to escape my convictions for teaching , but realize, I have to answer my call, because there is an urgency. This is why I have decided to open up the Bible Colleges, because there is an urgency. A quote ” There is a famine in the land, not for bread or water, but for the word of God!” Amos 8:11 states that God said he will send a famine in the land, not for bread, nor
The thirst of water, but the hearing for the word of God. Don’t turn a deaf ear to God’s word!

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